Chilote House Shoe

House Shoes - Hand made in Patagonia

$ 120

Slippers are 100% hand made by artisan women in Patagonia using only natural sheep wool and up-cycled salmon leather. With use, they will conform to the shape of the wearer’s own foot. Includes QR code with artisan info and geo-location and a repair kit to personalize or repair as needed. 



  • There is no factory so each pair is made “slow” with care and pride by independent artisan women doing what they know & love ~ knitting.
  • Co-created with the local community to empower & sustain a unique culture & craft ethical and transparent = Fair Trade.
  • Shoes are made in Chile - Patagonian Wool and up cycled and repurposed Salmon Leather.

Size Reference:

USA Men        USA Women
S - 35-38         S - 4-7
M - 39-42        M - 7-9
L - 43+            L - 10+

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