Statement on Social and Environmental Responsibility.

In the Field has been committed to social and environmental responsibility since our initial opening in 2014. In light of the current cultural awakening regarding racial justice, we felt compelled to renew and restate these commitments. 

We recognize that social responsibility and environmental responsibility are intertwined and inseparable. When we source goods from producers who adhere to sound environmental practices, we also avoid the disproportionate impacts of environmental irresponsibility on marginalized communities. 

And when elements of cultures other than those of our store’s founders are featured in our space, we strive to bring benefits to all parties involved—including, and especially, to the makers of the goods. 

Globalization is inevitable, and we believe that if done right, incorporating aspects of cultures other than one’s own into home design and personal style can be a positive, non-destructive act. Art, music, and other creative acts continually reference new inspirations and reimagine them in unique ways.

But cultural misappropriation can be, and has been, a destructive and exploitative occurrence, especially with regard to indigenous cultures. Here’s how we seek to avoid misappropriation in our design work, in particular: 

Avoid erasure and show deep respect for the makers of goods. We source the goods we sell directly from the makers of them. We travel to the sources of origin, establish personal relationships with the makers themselves, are transparent about our intentions to resell their goods, and pay fair compensation to them. We acknowledge the origins of their works deeply appreciate their craftsmanship and design. 

No commodifying sacred objects. We don’t sell headdresses, sacred objects, or other similar items of particular cultural significance. This is a conscious decision, and also one that flows naturally from our approach to sourcing directly from makers themselves—as opposed to from third party, industrial suppliers who are disconnected from the cultural origins of the goods.

We also recognize the underrepresentation of BIPOC, in particular, within in the fashion and design industries. We work actively to maintain and expand space within our own collection for BIPOC designers.   

Recently, we have committed to the change and dialogue, by equalizing our representation of color, both visually and within the curation of Fashion Designers we represent.  As a retailer in the fashion industry, we aim to ensure our roster of brands and our product assortment is representative of the African American talent within the industry, Indigenous and the LGBTQ community

We state these commitments humbly, and acknowledge our work in these areas is also a constant process of betterment. We appreciate your interest in our business and the philosophies and actions behind it.

Please know, we have an open line for submissions, you can email all interest to: